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In one case ulcerative I administered the gas for more than ten hours, and during the entire period the fetal heart did not vary over five beats.

According to recent report, smallpox was not only not stamped out, but has and gained a pretty good foothold in Cleveland.

Fine specimens may be stained by the carbolfuchsin uk method, or by Gram's method. Infolded to meet the mucosa of the cervical canal by sutures which are here shown laid but not tied (interaction). On inspection of the front of the neck a tumour was plainly dose visible, largest on the left side, and moving with the larjmx during the act of swallowing.

About eighteen months afterwards butalbital he had a slight relapse of soreness and deafness, and was relieved by one visit in which his ears were cleansed and powdered boracic acid was used.

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